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News 2016 – Page 3 – Miveo

French car-sharing pioneer Carbox selects Pilotfish MIVEO

2009/06/15. Pilotfish is supplying the system that supports Gatubolaget in controlling their car fleet. The system includes car-sharing, environmental surveillance and it can connect third party applications such as alco-locks.

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Gatubolaget fosters the environment through the introduction of a wireless connection to their vehicles with Pilotfish® Miveo

2008/04/25. Gatubolaget, one of the largest rental actors and purchasers of environmentally adapted cars together with WESTMA and Pilotfish now takes a big leap forwards and connects parts of their vehicle fleet using a wireless link. The aim is to benefit the environment and to make the usage more efficient. Gatubolaget will use the system for their carsharing and other in vehicle based services such as alco-lock and the measuring of environmental data.

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Pilotfish Networks chosen to implement a carsharing system in French city Narbonne

2007/09/25. The community management of Narbonne, France, chooses the Swedish company Pilotfish Networks as main supplier of a complete carsharing system.

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Revolutionizing Carpooling Using Communication Technology – Pilotfish and SunFleet Signs Agreement Worth 2.5 mSEK

2002/01/21. No car keys will be fetched or turned back. No smart cards will be sent out with the post. No forms will be filled in with number of kilometres driven. All these material things is managed by the car-pooling system via Internet and your mobile phone. The car-pooling system is the last in the row of telematics based solutions developed by Pilotfish. Ordering party is SunFleet and the order value is 2,5 MSEK.

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