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Pilotfish selected as strategic partner within mobility to a leading OEM

2013/04/19 Pilotfish has been selected to support a leading, European car-manufacturer in the development of its strategy for mobility on demand! "We are very proud to having been selected by one of the most prestigious, European car manufacturers to assist in the development of its mobility strategy", says Erik Nordenfelt, V.P Car-sharing and Partner of Pilotfish. "It is [...]

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True One-Way™ – unique support for efficient one-way car-sharing

2013/02/03 Based on advanced technical research, Pilotfish has developed a unique support for one-way car-sharing, offered as an optional module to the Miveo platform. It allows for efficient car-sharing operation, where one-way reservations are enabled without the traditional limitations seen in the industry so far. We call it True One-Way™. In parallel, an advanced tool for [...]

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Pilotfish to present at MOVE 2012 – meeting point for innovation in automotive mobility

2012/08/27. Pilotfish is silver sponsor of the MOVE 2012 conference, Europe's meeting point for innovation in automotive mobility. The conference takes place in Brussels, September 25-26.

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eVehicle pioneer Move About selects Pilotfish as strategic technology partner

2012/06/28 Following a six month evaluation, eVehicle car-sharing pioneers Move About selects Pilotfish to be its strategic partner within car-sharing technology. “We are very proud to be selected by one of the car-sharing pioneers”, says Erik Nordenfelt, CEO of Pilotfish and responsible for the car-sharing activities. “Move About’s focus on electric vehicles puts our technology [...]

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DuoAuto introduces Pilotfish technology for efficient use of shared cars to the Dutch market

2011/10/20. Following the successful completion of a joint first trail, Pilotfish and DuoAuto today announced a strategic partnership regarding the introduction of MIVEO, the reservation and report system developed by Pilotfish for fleet owners with highest demands on accessibility, simplicity and quality, on the Dutch market.

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Airbus selects Pilotfish for efficient use of shared cars

2011/07/28. Following a long evaluation, Airbus selects Pilotfish technology for efficient and easy access to their fleet of shared cars, and to get better control of their internal transports. More than 200 of Airbus' cars have been equipped with MIVEO, the reservation and report system developed by Pilotfish for fleet owners with highest demands on accessibility, simplicity and quality.

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Avis selectes Pilotfish as strategic partner when entering into car-sharing

2009/07/01 The Scandinavian part of rental giant Avis selects Pilotfish as its strategic partner when entering into the car-sharing area. Based on the Miveo platform, Avis is adding fragmental rental, i.e. car-sharing, to its existing product offer. "We are very proud to have been appointed technology partner to a market leading rental company as they are [...]

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French car-sharing pioneer Carbox selects Pilotfish MIVEO

2009/06/15. Pilotfish is supplying the system that supports Gatubolaget in controlling their car fleet. The system includes car-sharing, environmental surveillance and it can connect third party applications such as alco-locks.

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Gatubolaget fosters the environment through the introduction of a wireless connection to their vehicles with Pilotfish® Miveo

2008/04/25. Gatubolaget, one of the largest rental actors and purchasers of environmentally adapted cars together with WESTMA and Pilotfish now takes a big leap forwards and connects parts of their vehicle fleet using a wireless link. The aim is to benefit the environment and to make the usage more efficient. Gatubolaget will use the system for their carsharing and other in vehicle based services such as alco-lock and the measuring of environmental data.

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Pilotfish Networks chosen to implement a carsharing system in French city Narbonne

2007/09/25. The community management of Narbonne, France, chooses the Swedish company Pilotfish Networks as main supplier of a complete carsharing system.

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