Got a fleet? Start sharing.

Fleet managers, car sharing operators, leasing companies, rental companies all have in common that they adress needs of mobility by supplying access to vehicles. 

Cars are valuable assets but often under-utilized. By sharing cars within the company, within the community or in the public the utilization is increasing while the total cost of mobility is reduced.

Car-sharing creates new opportunities to greatly reduce total cost of operations and generate new revenue streams. It’s easy to start. Let Miveo show you how you can drive your revenue and reduce your cost with Miveo’s proven cloud-based car-sharing technologies.

Start sharing your fleet

Regardless of your type of fleet or operations, we make sure you get the best possible solution to establish, operate and grow your fleet of shared cars. Miveo has wide experience from working with customers in all major car-sharing segments:

Car sharing operators

Is your mission to offer shared cars to the public?

From startups to global operations

Use our experience, knowledge and solutions to create, grow and operate a market leading car-sharing business. We support you in all your phases from start-up to global operations.

Let us show you how!

Corporate Fleet Managers

Are you already running an internal car-sharing operation?

Increase utilization of your vehicles

Add our cloud based car sharing services to your fleet operation to reduce your total cost of mobility. Use your existing cars or partner up with a car-sharing operator, leasing or rental company offering mobility on demand.

Want to know how?

Leasing Company

Are you interested in increased utlization and offer added value services your customers?

Add sharability to your offer

Provide added value to your customers with sharability and mobility on demand. Let the customers share their vehicles to reduce their individual cost while increasing the total revenue from each vehicle.

Let us show you how!

Car rental companies

Do you want to offer short time rentals?

Customer operated rental service

Add short time rentals without the overhead from traditional car rental operations. With your cars connected to Miveo cloud you can offer customer operated, key-less short time rentals.

Let us show you how!

Everything you need to start sharing

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This is Miveo

Miveo Car-sharing Technologies is a leading supplier of complete solutions for car-sharing including in-vehicle equipment or on-board software, driver and operator interfaces, and a solid cloud-based backbone with booking, fleet management and reporting.

Miveo has more than 800 cars connected at customers in Europe and North America. Market leading commercial car-sharing operators, car rental, leasing and manufacturers, as well as large enterprises and municipalities use our products to run their car-sharing operations.

Miveo was founded in 2013 but within the company we have experience from car-sharing and telematics that goes back more than ten years. We are committed to make any fleet sharable and to address the need from anyone who wish to establish, operate and grow an efficient and modern car-sharing operation.

Management Team

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