During the MOVE conference, Miveo will present the strategy behind its partner network, aimed to facilitate the life for fleet managers of multi-site corporations.

“At last year’s MOVE conference, I shared our view on how the introduction of the peer-to-peer concept into corporate fleets can be used to handle peek demand without unused assets during non-peak hours.”, says Erik Nordenfelt, CEO of Miveo Car-sharing Technologies AB. “This year I will share the strategy behind our partner network; a strategy based on the distinct difference between the full-service offer from today’s niche car-sharing operators, and vehicles supplied through the established actors and equipped with shareability as an accessory. As last year, I hope this will eliminate some of the confusion resulting form the multitude of variations emerging on the mobility arena.”

“The strategy is based on a clear view that today’s vehicle suppliers will continue to supply vehicles to their corporate customers. Furthermore, they are not really eager – or able – to changing their current business model, especially not to take the risk that a supplied car is not being used as much as expected. Finally, we have noticed that many corporate customers are not willing to outsource their current fleet to full-service car-sharing operators, often due to existing maintenance staff. As a consequence, the market will request a flexibility mobility service offer, with the fleet outsourced to of full-service offer at one site office and an internally-operated car-sharing with pre-equipped cars supplied from a leasing company at another site office.”

“I look forward to discussing our view with the experienced participants during the conference! Hope to seeing you at the conference!”.


For more information about Miveo’s Partner Network strategy, please contact:
Erik Nordenfelt, CEO, Miveo Car-sharing Technologies AB, +46 73 371 2162