Miveo Car-sharing Technologies is silver sponsor of the MOVE 2014 conference, Europe’s meeting point for innovation in automotive mobility. The conference takes place in Berlin, September 16-17.

“As we see the phenomena of Car-sharing and Mobility-on-Demand moving into market-growth, we expect new actors to be attracted and boost market awareness even further.“, says Erik Nordenfelt, CEO of Miveo Car-sharing Technologies. “We expect to meet some of them at the MOVE conference this autumn. For us, this means new business opportunities, since we have the technology needed to add shareability to their existing commercial offer, as well as to reposition themselves into suppliers of Mobility-on-Demand!”.

During the conference, Erik Nordenfelt will chair a panel discussion on “Making mobility innovation initiatives the transport form of choice: Building stakeholder awareness & expanding client base“.


For more information, please contact:
Erik Nordenfelt, CEO, Miveo Car-sharing Technologies AB, +46 73 371 2162
The MOVE 2014 conference’s website