Additional fleet optimisations enabled by detailed statistical reports from Miveo!

An extensive report package is now available in Miveo, containing statistical reports with detailed information about actual usage of the fleet and potential optimisation based on actual fleet usage. A separate part has been devoted to environmental follow-up about the trips made.

The reports have been developed in tight corporation with a global retail company using Miveo for its internal car-sharing. “We have identified significant savings to be reached with surprisingly small measures, “ says Erik Nordenfelt, CEO of Miveo Car-sharing Technologies, “The result will be implemented in a customised vehicle allocation algorithm, and we look forward to supporting our customer in their continued goal to reach further savings, both financial and environmental.”

Please contact us to discuss how the Miveo reports can assist in your continued search for additional fleet optimisations!

For more information, please contact:
Erik Nordenfelt, CEO, Miveo Car-sharing Technologies AB, +46 73 371 2162