Pilotfish has decided to transfer its car-sharing activities into a fully owned subsidiary, Miveo Car-sharing Technologies AB in order to better address the two different markets where Pilotfish is active today – public transport and car-sharing respectively.  The subsidiary will be headed by Erik Nordenfelt, former CEO of Pilotfish and responsible for the car-sharing activities since 2009.

“When we started develop advanced car-sharing technologies in 2001, we were among the very first on the market. I really look forward to dedicate my time to develop our full potential from the investments made in the area now when the market finally takes off!”, Erik Nordenfelt says. “The increased focus from the transfer will help us in the rapidly moving landscape within car-sharing and Mobility-on-Demand!”

“The transfer is a win-win for our two business units. The car-sharing part of Pilotfish has continued to grow and the opportunities are substantial within the domain. This change in our organisation will help us better focus and succeed in both areas!“, says Tomas Gabinus, CEO of Pilotfish.

For more information, please contact:

Tomas Gabinus, CEO
Pilotfish Networks AB 
+46 733 22 4011
Erik Nordenfelt, CEO
Miveo Car-sharing Technologies AB  
+46 73 371 2162