Based on advanced technical research, Pilotfish has developed a unique support for one-way car-sharing, offered as an optional module to the Miveo platform. It allows for efficient car-sharing operation, where one-way reservations are enabled without the traditional limitations seen in the industry so far. We call it True One-Way™.

In parallel, an advanced tool for monitoring and simulation, the Intelligent Decision Support Tool (IDTS), has been added to allow our customers to carefully monitor peeks in user demand and vehicle availability. When introducing one-way car-sharing, an advanced support tool to fleet operators is needed to run a cost-efficient operation.

IDTS also includes a simulation tool, enabling professional car-sharing operators to easily calculate the expected delivery cost when offering availability based contracts to corporate travellers.

Please contact Erik Nordenfelt for more information about True One-Way™ and the Intelligent Decision Support Tool (IDTS).