Following a long evaluation, Airbus selects Pilotfish technology for efficient and easy access to their fleet of shared cars, and to get better control of their internal transports. A large number of cars in Airbus’ fleet have been equipped with Miveo, the reservation and report system developed by Pilotfish for fleet owners with highest demands on accessibility, simplicity and quality.

“The decision from Airbus is a very prestigious order for us”, says Erik Nordenfelt, CEO and responsible for light-vehicle solutions at Pilotfish. “Customers with high demands help us stay competitive and proofs that we can deliver services at right price and quality also abroad. We are very proud that Airbus has chosen Miveo to lower their transportation costs!”

During 2011, Pilotfish will handle 250.000 reservations of shared vehicles, spread over five European countries. This is a strong expansion compared to earlier years.


For more information, please contact:
Erik Nordenfelt, CEO, Pilotfish
Mobile phone: +46 73 371 2162