The community management of Narbonne, France, chooses the Swedish company Pilotfish Networks as main supplier of a complete carsharing system.

During 2007 Pilotfish launched the concept MIVEO™, a technical platform that makes a vehicle “go wireless” and automatically communicates valuable information on its own status. The system currently includes the following services; alarm, positioning, alcolock, Intelligent Speed Adaptation, drivers log, carsharing and it has unique built in remote administration of the vehicles software.

“This is a milestone for us in many ways”, says Per Lanevik, Managing Director, Pilotfish Fleet.
“Narbonne is our first international customer for carsharing. With the environmental issues we are
faced with today, more cities will implement these kinds of applications, and follow the examples
set by Narbonne”.
Pilotfish will not only offer Narbonne the concept MIVEO™ and technical solution for the
carsharing system. It will also support the city in the development of the infrastructure needed for
the carsharing system. Michel Moynier, known as the leader in France for city development, was
looking for sustainable transport solutions for Narbonne. “Some go to holy health resorts, I went to
Gothenburg in Sweden where I got a revelation regarding sustainable development and met
Pilotfish” states Michel Moynier, mayor of Narbonne.
The project is carried out in close collaboration with Comox/Veolia, one of Europe’s largest
operators within public transport. The partnership is a great foundation and start for a larger
collaboration. Xavier D´Hour, Operation Manager at Comox state; ”Comox, a subsidiary of Veolia
Transport, has chosen Pilotfish solution since it exactly corresponds to the technical specification
by the city. But it is mainly the Pilotfish experience and the development possibilities of the
MIVEO™ platform that convinced Comox to choose a Swedish supplier, no matter distance and
language barriers. Access to the car, not only with smartcard, but also by using a mobile phone
was an important argument for Comox’ choice and it is a premier in France to use mobile phones
for carsharing.”


For more information, please contact:
Erik Nordenfelt, CEO, Pilotfish, +46 73 371 2162