No car keys will be fetched or turned back. No smart cards will be sent out with the post. No forms will be filled in with number of kilometres driven. All these material things is managed by the car-pooling system via Internet and your mobile phone. The car-pooling system is the last in the row of telematics based solutions developed by Pilotfish. Ordering party is SunFleet and the order value is 2,5 MSEK.

“This system will change the rental car market”, according to Per Lanevik, Executive Director for SunFleet who’s business idea is to develop car-rental pools with environmental profile for companies. SunFleet today has 10 vehicles that all will be equipped with the new system as of march this year.

This is how it works
– you book your car via SunFleet homepage
– on the car-pool parking you will use the mobile phone to deliver a SMS that makes the system able to identify you, check the booking-time and open the car.
– You take out the car-keys out of the glove department and drive
– When you return the car, you put the key in the glove department, the car is automatically locked
– The car automatically reports the stretch thay you have been doing and other necessary data for the billing process.